Steven Reynolds aka Wolves of Suburbia

Steve Reynolds aka Wolves of Suburbia is an analogue and (occasional) digital collage artist from Harrow, NW London, UK.

His works are composed of clippings from old magazines, charity (thrift) shop books and found paper ephemera which he salvages, hand cuts and rearranges to breathe new life in to the forgotten and the discarded.

The ethos, attitude and drive of growing up and playing in DIY punk rock bands carries through in his creative process – music is always the starting point. Life, death and the universe are also always constants. Other cool shit tends to be explored too.


Her  |  Paper Collage   |  8.26" x 11.7"
Her  |  Paper Collage   |  8.26″ x 11.7″
Them |  Paper Collage   |  8.26" x 11.7"
Them |  Paper Collage   |  8.26″ x 11.7″
His  |  Paper Collage   |  8.26" x 11.7"
His  |  Paper Collage   |  8.26″ x 11.7″