Deborah Petronio
Kathulu’s Daughter
Mixed media assemblage

Deborah Petronio
Rabbit Head
Mixed media

Deborah Petronio
Baby Blue Head
Mixed media, electrical cord, lightbulb


Artist for Day 2 – DEBORAH PETRONIO

I am an artist who makes assemblages from found objects. Art has always been my passion.  Since I was little I would use odds and ends to create little snowglobes. I draw, paint, assemble, sew, collage, lampwork glass, pottery, PMC, make jewelry, scrapbook, make teeth ( I am also a dentist)… I worked in a fine jewelry production company, and I have sold my things at craft shows,  in galleries and in boutiques.I have taught art classes at the local and national level. I love to remember how magical it was as a kid to read stories like Alice In Wonderland. I really believed that Gnomes were real. I want to recall that innocence in my work.  As time goes on I have found myself venturing into new realms of assemblage.  I want people to have fun with my creations. Dolls are a great way for all ages to interact with art. My dolls are at once familiar, but then as you come in close you see a juxtaposition between old and new,  worn out and beautiful, industrial and craft. I love to find what has been cast off and repurpose it. I am drawn to quirky, so I like to surprise you.