Night Slaves photo by Johnathan Meola



Pre-release and listening party with Dan O

Friday, March 2nd at 8:00pm

From the Night Slaves: We just finished recording our new LP “NIGHT SLAVES III” and we really want you to hear it. So we’re throwing a listening party that will also serve as a limited edition pre-release of the album to all in attendance. You’ll get to take home a unique unmastered copy of the album that is available THIS NIGHT ONLY. Plus you’ll be doing us a huge favor by helping us raise the funds we need to finish and release the LP properly this summer. To sweeten the deal the mythical DAN O will be spinning tunes and setting the mood before and after we listen to the album.

8pm Come hang out

9pm SIDE A of NS III

10pm SIDE B of NS III


About Night Slaves

Night Slaves (David Kane and John Toohill) likes to push limits and just keep it coming. 

DAVID KANE is currently recording and/or playing with Night Slaves, Them Jazzbeards, MPP(Major Progress Program), HEARsay,TwQ, and various solo projects. Past projects include music for films, plays,dance, performance art projects, Trek with Quintronic, Celibates, Electroman, Nullstadt, Decay of Western Civilization, Erectronics, Terry and the Headhunters, and Keith Urban Legend.

JOHN TOOHILL has been sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong in music for over a decade which is why collaborating in Night Slaves with David is such a perfect team up. Neither truly belong anywhere and this reflects in their music. His other projects include Alpha Hopper, Radiation Risks, and JOHNS.