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Sure Xmas is a season of lights, tinsel, and Santa Claus. But did you know there are many legends about this holiday season? Dark, creepy, traditions that go beyond “he knows if you have been bad or good so be good for goodness sake…” to “if you’re bad, you will be taken away and tortured – maybe eaten.” Starting on the scariest night of the yule season “KRAMPUSNACHT” Sunday, December 5th, open a door a day until the last beautifully creepy present on December 25th.

Order your countdown box, and get ready to open a present-a-day until Xmas morning. Follow along on the special link on our website that outlines the background for that gift, and allows you to follow along with the activities that day.

Boxes are also available at Revolution Gallery and our dear friends up the street – The Merry Shelley, so you may start your countdown to Xmas.

All preorders to be picked up at Revolution Gallery.