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Cassandra Kim


Simon Steggall in Cambridgeshire, England is alive today thanks to his 21 pound, 3 foot long giant Flemish rabbit named Dory. Simon has diabetes, and he has said he never gets warning when he is suddenly about to be unwell.

One afternoon when it appeared that he was merely napping, his wife Victoria observed Dory jumping on his chest and thumping furiously. Dory’s odd behavior caught her attention. Victoria herself is an ambulance driver, and she said, “I work for the ambulance service and I’m embarrassed that the rabbit spotted it before I did.” 

Simon said that though he couldn’t move or speak, he could hear Victoria telling Dory to get down, but Dory kept tapping and digging at Simon’s chest, getting Victoria’s attention, helping her to realize something was wrong. Thanks to Dory, the paramedics were called saving Simon