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Cassandra Kim


Judy, an English pointer, is World War II’s only canine POW. She was a mascot aboard a Royal Navy ship for 3 years, then survived a shipwreck and found fresh water for the crew stranded ashore. The crew had to walk 170 miles through the dense jungle of Sumatra, where Judy fought off a crocodile attack and chased away tigers to protect the crew. 

Later, she saved people from drowning when she was in yet another shipwreck. Judy survived years of being in prisoner of war camps while bringing comfort to those imprisoned. It was here that she found 22-year-old Leading Aircraftman Frank Williams, who adopted her. It was his idea to have her listed on the official POW list to protect her from the overaggressive guards. 

Thanks to her many heroics, she later received Britain’s Dickin Medal.