Rachael Bridge
Graphite on paper
4.5″ x 8″ • $350.


Rachael Bridge
Oil on panel
8” x 10” • $720.

Artist for Day 23 – RACHAEL BRIDGE

Rachael Bridge is an artist from New York whose oil paintings have gained notoriety in the dark art movement. Rachael’s style is a unique take on traditional portraiture, which she warps to create an otherworldly, dreamlike aesthetic.

Her works often resemble film stills, offering a snapshot of the protagonist during a moment of a deep, ominous trance. There is a wealth of emotion in the eyes of Rachael’s sinister characters, and their harrowing stories are told in their luminous gazes. Each delicately rendered painting is a deeply personal, and unique manifestation of her own narrative. Rachael currently lives and works in New Jersey.