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Guidelines and Regulations
at Revolution Gallery!



Since August 2021, the number of Delta variant cases is rapidly spiking in our county; we are now in a “high risk” mode because of this.

Please note – temporarily – everyone entering Revolution Gallery must be vaccinated, and present proof of vaccination either with a vax card or Excelsior Pass on their phone, and ID.

Vaccinated guests have the option to wear a mask, depending on each guest / performer’s personal comfort levels.

Revolution Gallery and Lounge is a dream project that we have invested so much of ourselves, and it’s a space we are overjoyed to share with each person who has walked through our doors. Our hope is that everyone understands the hardships small businesses / venues faced over the last year and a half. The struggle to stay open continued with limited capacity and restrictions to events and hours of operation, and loss of staff. We deeply appreciated and valued the community support then, and we are hoping for it now. It is imperative we take these temporary measures to keep our Gallery and Lounge open, and to keep our staff, guests, artist performers, and community safe. We truly thank each of you for everything.


Currently, as of June 2021, all guests are able to move freely about the gallery without masks, or proof of vaccination. It is determined by NYS and the CDC that each private business may determine their own guidelines. Each guest may wear masks per their personal comfort levels.

The experience may be a bit different than in the past, but we are happy to have welcomed visitors / customers / patrons to Revolution Gallery when our Patio Seating opened on Friday, June 19th. We have a solid protocol for our employees, and guidelines our guests are required to follow. These are done to minimize risk, and to protect and keep everyone safe.

Revolution Gallery opened their doors to invite guests inside on Thursday, July 16th at noon; to keep all inside safe, we are limiting the amount of visitors to view the artwork inside, and it is required that everyone entering the gallery MUST PROPERLY WEAR A MASK (nose and chin covered). The public is required to use the hand sanitizer offered to them by a Revolution Gallery staff member. Please make sure to read the guidelines here on our website, and posted around the gallery, to ensure safety for yourselves, other visitors, and our Revolution Gallery staff.

We truly have appreciated all your support with our continued Revolution To-Go (curbside pickup) service that opened in May!


Revolution Gallery is focused on the safety and wellness of our guests. We value and are committed to our patrons. While at Revolution Gallery, your wellness and safety is paramount. There are new and essential protocols we have put in place to to comply with the local and national requirements. These need to be followed to minimize risk, and keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Active participation from you is necessary for your protection, and that of our staff and fellow patrons.


RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED Reservations are for tables of 2 (max of 4) – SEATING IS LIMITED and SOCIALLY DISTANCED.

Reserve your table by following the reservation method on each specific event (Calendly / Contact Form / Prepay / Calling the gallery / etc.). We use different reservation methods to best serve that particular event.


All guests will be required to properly wear masks (nose and chin covered) when going inside gallery to use restroom or to view artwork from our latest exhibit “THE YEAR THE EARTH STOOD STILL” – a GROUP EXHIBIT. Guests also need to properly wear masks when walking to their reserved table inside or on the patio, or anytime they are standing and moving about the gallery or patio. Masks may be removed when visitors are seated at their designated table to enjoy their drinks and food.

For dinner service, and most events, Tables – not seats – will be reserved by one person in the party prior to the event. There are seven socially distanced tables, with 2 seats per table. No communal seating is permitted — all guests at the table must be from the same party – combining separate parties at a single table is not permitted.

A $20. minimum purchase (per person) is required from the Revolution Gallery food and drink menu, and a tab will be opened via our contactless payment system when guests have been seated.

All alcohol and food orders will be served to attendees at the tables by Revolution Gallery staff, as there will NOT be walk-up bar service available.

Tables and chairs may not be moved from their spot for any reason.

Open tabs for bar and food may be split at the end of the event.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To help protect our guests, we are only accepting contactless payments. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH – PLEASE PAY WITH CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD. Guests may also pay via Venmo to @RevolutionGallery

Revolution To-Go (Curbside Pickup) and Patio Reservations

Enjoy our exhibits in the gallery, while on our patio, or stopping for curbside pickup with Revolution To Go. Reservations are required for the Patio Seating or place a Revolution To Go Curbside Pickup order by noon, to pickup your order the next day. Social distancing is achieved via tables that are spaced 6 feet apart on the patio, and picking up your Revolution To Go order during your designated timeframe. Menus / Food Service, Revolution To Go, and making reservations for our Café Patio Seating may be found on our Revolution To Go page

NYS Guidelines for Reopening

Please read these guidelines that we will keep current in accordance with local and state requirements. 

Prior to their shift, employees will have a health screening.

Revolution Gallery staff will wear a face covering / mask as required.

Gloves will be worn by employees / staff when deemed necessary, and hand-washing / hand sanitizing will be enforced.

To assist with contact tracing, it is requested that guests provide the gallery with their name, phone number, and current email. Do this via our contact form HERE

There will be a limited amount of people in the gallery at any given time, as to keep everyone safe. When entering gallery, all guests will be required to use the hand sanitizer offered to them. 

So other guests may enjoy the Patio Seating, there is a 90 minute window of time, per table, due to the limited seating. If there is an open block of time, guests are welcome to extend their visit. 

All guests must wear a mask while in the Patio Seating, unless seated at your reserved table.

You will be greeted at the Host Area on the Patio, and guests must be wearing a mask. A one-time use mask may be purchased, if a guest needs. Before being seated, guests are required to use hand sanitizer presented to them at the Host Area. 

There will be socially distanced chairs designated as a waiting area, if your table is still being prepared upon your arrival, please wait in this area. Each chair is disinfected after each use. 

Please reschedule your reservation for a future date if you have symptoms of Covid19.

Guests must wear a mask when not seated at their table, as mandated by NYS. Masks are required upon entering the gallery, and to use the restroom. Only one guest at a time is allowed in the gallery to use the restroom. Our restroom will be sanitized multiple times throughout the course of service. 

Patio Seating is located on the shady side of Hertel Avenue, and is dependent on the weather. We have umbrellas to protect guests from the sun, but please dress accordingly to have an enjoyable visit. We will notify you if your reservation is cancelled due to inclement weather.