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THE BEAUTY OF DOUBT – a two person exhibit with Jojit Solano and Regen Mulingtapang

Opening Reception • Friday, February 23rd  |  6:00pm to 11:00pm

Our latest show is created by two internationally exhibiting Filipino artists –  Jojit Solano and Regen Mulingtapang. “THE BEAUTY OF DOUBT” showcases their new artwork created specifically for this exhibition!

JOJIT SOLANO – Jojit Solano (b 1982) is a Filipino Contemporary painter and Interdisciplinary artist. He lives and works in Dagupan City, Philippines. Solano’s practice ranges from paintings, drawings, murals, mixed media and installation art. His art is a reflection and commentary on contemporary society, political, religious and environmental issues. Solano is hugely influenced by horror movies, bible prophecies, punk music and pop culture.
Jojit Solano has held several solo shows in the Philippines. He is also participated several group exhibitions in the Philippines, Singapore, Italy,  New York, Spain and Los Angeles. 

REGEN MULINGTAPANG – (b 1981) is a contemporary artist and sculptor from Batangas City, Philippines. Over the past decade, Mulingtapang has explored painting, sculpture, and various forms of artistic expression.

His work has gained recognition both locally and internationally, with appearances in group exhibitions and solo shows across prestigious galleries.

Mulingtapang’s artistic style blends societal observation with creative flair, showcasing a diverse range of mediums including acrylic, found objects, and everyday materials.

At the heart of his practice lies a meticulous attention to detail, ensuring each piece tells a nuanced story. His compositions weave intricate narratives, inviting viewers to delve deeper into his imaginative world.

Notably, Mulingtapang infuses his work with dark humor, adding whimsy to his scenes and portraits. Through his art, he sparks reflection and invites audiences to ponder the deeper meanings behind his creations.

Regen Mulingtapang’s artistic journey embodies a fusion of technical skill, conceptual depth, and boundless imagination. His contributions to the art world stand as a testament to the enduring impact of creativity in sparking thought and stirring emotion.

BEAUTY OF DOUBT ARTIST STATEMENT  – In a world where moral decay has become pervasive, doubt emerges as a powerful tool for resistance and discernment. The exhibit  aims to explore this theme, showcasing the dynamic interplay between skepticism, conviction, and resilience.

As an artist, I find myself deeply compelled by the notion of doubt in our society. It serves as a counterforce against systemic corruption, widespread apathy, and the breakdown of social institutions. I seek to highlight the importance of questioning the status quo, rigid beliefs, societal norms, and authorities.

“The Beauty of Doubt” delves into the complexities of uncertainty, inviting everyone to confront their own beliefs and perceptions. It is a reflection of our collective struggle to navigate through a world plagued by moral decline. Each piece embodies a sense of resilience, challenging the darkness that surrounds us.

This is a call to action. It is a reminder that in the face of moral decay, doubt can be a catalyst for change and transformation. By embracing uncertainty, we empower ourselves to question, to resist, and to strive for something better.