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This collection of works are inspired by the tales of heartache and adventure of the inhabitants of the City of Rusted Gallows;
a post apocalyptic, rundown factory town populated by secret skeleton societies and strange but friendly creatures.
They exist there despite their predicament; content and hopeful in this dilapidated world.

To purchase artwork, please contact the gallery at [email protected] or 716.322.7656

The Midnight Showing

Oil on Birch Panel
in hand embellished frame
12”x17 1/2” (18”x12” framed)
Contact Gallery for Availability

The Wrong Way Down

Oil and Gold Leaf on Birch Panel
8”x10” (12”x14” framed)

The Disgrace

Oil on Birch Panel
7”x9” (9”x11” framed)

Well... that's too bad...
no more heads to cut.

Oil on Birch Panel
7 1/4”x9.5” (11”x13” framed)

It’s Not A Fucking Mackerel Darla

Oil on Birch Panel
7”x11” (7 3/4“x11 3/4” framed)

Brunch Drunk

Oil on Wood
3.5”x4 3/4” (4 1/2“x6” framed)

So Long Shady Acres

Oil on Birch Panel
12”x20” (13 1/4”x21 3/4” framed)

The Oleander Heron

Oil on Birch Panel
5”x7” (8”x10” framed)

Rotten Johnny Will Come for you, and he’ll eat your candy too

Acrylic on birch panel
5”x8” (6“x9” framed)


In his head he could
almost hear them cheering

Acrylic on birch panel
5”x7” (8 1/2”x9 1/2” framed)

The Music Never Played
So the Song Never Ended

Oil on Birch Panel
7”x9” (9“x11” framed)

O’Lord, Welcome Home

Acrylic on birch panel
8”x10” (11“x13” framed)

Suppressed Sarcasm

Oil on birch panel
4”x5” (5 1/2“x6 1/2” framed)

Two Handsome Idiots at Sea

Mixed Media

The Merry Widower’s Waltz

Oil on Birch Panel
Mixed media

Joe Vollan Artwork Also Available at Revolution Gallery

The Passenger

Oil on birch panel
21” x 36

Into the Arms of Smugglers

Graphite on antique paper
>4.5″ x 6.25″ (framed out to 6.5″ x 8.5″)


Cast Bronze
11″ x 14″ x 3″

Thief of Burden

Acrylic on birch panel
10″ x 12″ (framed 13″ x 15″)

In a Bathtub Bound for
the Bottom of the Sea

Giclée print on canvas
16″ x 20″