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LUCID DREAMS – a solo show of new work by Ilona Cutts

Opening • Friday, November 24th  |  7:00pm to 11:00pm

Revolution is proud to exhibit, for the first time, internationally exhibiting artist Ilona Cutts. “LUCID DREAMS” is a solo show of  new artwork by this Georgia based artist. Join us for the opening reception, and meet the artist!


My Nordic background takes me back to my birth in Helsinki, Finland. At age 2 months we moved to Argentina, followed by Poland, then the U.K and finally Mexico. As my family kept moving countries and entire continents, I had to learn a new language and how to fit into a new Culture, every few years.  I ended up spending most of my life in Mexico, around 25 years. I then decided I need a change and moved to Spain where I had a home and Studio for 2 years but I soon realized that it was Mexico’s Art and Culture that had the deepest impact on me of all. Life takes us on many paths, so in 2016 I found myself moving to the US, where I currently live.

When I was growing up our homes were surrounded with antiques and art, that my Mother collected throughout our travels. Through them I learned to observe beautiful things as well as have an appreciation for the Arts. I find myself often incorporating these antique objects into the visual language of my paintings and performances. Antique objects too tell a story.

Having been raised with a rootless existence I often felt alone as a child and did not have a sense of belonging or identity. I can’t say I identify myself as any particular Nationality. My only clear language is Art and Painting is my voice. Painting and drawing became a way for me to feel grounded and offered me a special place to go to.“Creating Art for the purpose of creating Consciousness”

I like to think of myself as a visual storyteller, in search for meaning and purpose. Through my Nordic Culture I feel a strong connection to Nature. I’m haunted by my memories of living in Mexico and yearn to return there one day. In the meantime I find myself painting it’s tropical nature and use it as backdrops in my paintings.

I feel that in today’s technologically advanced and globally connected world we have forgotten our purpose and how to connect with our true origin, Nature. It troubles me that we as humans have alienated ourselves from nature, making us interested only in superficial and material things. We have forgotten our true purpose on Earth.

In my work I want to bring back a forgotten dialogue with all the living creatures that surround us and give us life. Our relationship with nature will bring back hope and restore a connection to our forgotten purpose. The primary protagonist in my paintings is often a female figure, a tad quirky, somewhat mysterious and a perhaps a little naughty girl? She can be playful and dark at the same time, a voyeur of the whimsical nature of existentialism. She wishes to befriend you and take you on a journey to Surreal Dreamscapes, a place with no sadness or sorrow.

“For me Art should act as a vehicle for a deeper understanding of ourselves as Human Beings and our purpose on Earth. It can and should create a higher consciousness within us so that we could see our Earth (our Home) like a delicate flower that needs to be protected and nurtured.

In addition to my painting, I also like to explore other art forms such as performance, photography and the written word. My latest performance “Homecoming” at Spruill Art Gallery in Atlanta 2022, was a live performed narrative of me finally finding my home in the USA and becoming a US Citizen. Home for me isn’t a physical place. I grew my roots within and found myself.



I’m a mid-career artist with over 60 exhibitions in the US and Internationally. I studied Fine Arts at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, London, U.K. and finished my BFA in painting at Kankaanpää Art College, in Finland in 1995. My art can be found in Museum Collections such as the Contemporary Museum of Art in Oulu, in Finland and El Borcegui Museum, in Mexico City. I have had solo and group exhibitions in Finland, Spain, France, Mexico, Portugal, Japan, the USA and Australia. My last group Show was in New York City at Stone Sparrow Gallery NYC in 2021, Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art in Wisconsin and SINKKA Contemporary Art Museum of Kerava, Finland. I have curatorial experience in figurative work and have collaborated in the making on group Shows in the USA for International Artists.