Pocket Vinyl

Wednesday, September 25th | 7:30pm

Struggling Productions is proud to bring you a night of art and music at Revolution Gallery featuring:

Pocket Vinyl 

CT-based duo consisting of Eric Stevenson, who plays piano and sings and his wife Elizabeth Jancewicz, who does live-painting, Pocket Vinyl blurs the lines between visual art and music.

“If the world were perfect, Pocket Vinyl would be selling out arenas, performing on Jimmy Fallon, and plastered on the side of a tour bus while bands like Nickelback play to small handfuls of people in art spaces in places like Possum Ridge, Arkansas. The world is not perfect, but that does mean we get to see amazing acts like Pocket Vinyl in small, intimate settings. They usually play around here twice a year, so hopefully we’ll see them back in the spring. When they come, run, don’t walk, to the concert and know that, for next to nothing, you’ll get a great night of entertainment and see something you’ve never seen before.” – Ryan Gurnett (All WNY)

Jenn DeSantis

Emotional and theatrical, up-and-coming singer/songwriter Jenn DeSantis slides smoothly between genres, blending styles as diverse as pop, goth and opera.

Pamela Swarts

“This music takes your breath away, if you let it. Some kinds of music are very un-rock & roll in the sense that they are not always about instant gratification. They expect you, the listener, to take the time and have the patience to actually let the music take you somewhere to work its magic on your senses, and sometimes those places are deep within and need to be crept up on slowly, seduced as it were, and cannot be arrived at by shouting. Oh, don’t get me wrong – Pams got some rockers for sure, and some rather cheerful-ish psychedelic pop too, but she’s no stranger to the idea that not everything useful can be said in three and a half minutes.”

Doors at 7 pm, Music starts at 7:30 pm

$5. at the door, 21+ with ID