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Cassandra Kim


Noel Osborne, a 78 year-old Australian farmer, had a terrible day. On an October day in 2002, while he was getting work done on his farm, one of his cows knocked Noel over a pile of manure, instantly breaking his hip. Immobilized and no way to call for help, Noel was trapped. For days, Noel was exposed to the scorching Australian heat and frigid nights. Fortunately, he wasn’t completely alone. Mandy, his nanny goat, heard him and came to be near. 

The Mirror quoted Mr. Osbourne, saying: “That evening Mandy came, and I was able to get hold of an old bottle and I milked her into the bottle and I was able to have a drink. She slept there beside me every night I was there.” For 5 days Noel laid there, unable to get up and every night Mandy the goat stayed by him to keep warm.

Eventually, Noel was rescued by his friends and was taken to the hospital, where he made a full recovery.