Accidental Thursday

Thursday  •  September 3rd  •  6:00pm to 9:00pm   •  FREE

ACCIDENTAL THURSDAY on the Patio – A Cocktail Hour, socially distanced,“incidental” listening get-together.

Enjoy the “Hot Club Express” Sandwich added to our Specials Menu for the night!

Reservations are for tables of 2 or more– SEATING IS LIMITED and SOCIALLY DISTANCED.

Reserve your table for this FREE event! Call 716.322.7656


All guests will be required to properly wear masks when going inside gallery to use restroom or to view artwork from our latest exhibit “Dribz & Drabz” – a solo show of new artwork by John Arnold. Guests also need to properly wear masks when walking to their reserved table on the patio, or anytime they are standing and moving about the patio. Masks may be removed when visitors are seated at their designated table to enjoy their drinks and food.

Tables – not seats – will be reserved by one person in the party prior to the event. There are seven socially distanced tables, with 2 seats per table. No communal seating is permitted — all guests at the table must be from the same party – combining separate parties at a single table is not permitted.

A $20. minimum purchase (per person) is required from the Revolution Gallery food and drink menu, and a tab will be opened via our contactless payment system when guests have been seated.

All alcohol and food orders will be served to attendees at the tables by Revolution Gallery staff, as there will NOT be walk-up bar service available.

Tables and chairs may not be moved from their spot for any reason.

Open tabs for bar and food may be split at the end of the event.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To help protect our guests, we are only accepting contactless payments. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH – PLEASE PAY WITH CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD. Guests may also pay via Venmo to @RevolutionGallery

*Artwork by John Arnold